Here are some places i have visited in Bali. Hope you can find this Post helpful :).

This post organized from not 1 trip only, but maybe some trips (all my bali trip until 2018), i’ll write next bali trip into other post (this one let it be like this).

Before visiting Bali (or if I can generalise it into every kind of trip), i always push myself to make the complete plan/itinerary. The itinerary will be used as recommendation only, not to force the trip to follow the itinerary strickly ( or just to be a guidance during a trip). Why i need this? because when we are in a trip, our mind tends not to think, so if we have a plan to follow it would be nice for the trip. And if during trip we found that something more interesting, i always open to change the trip route, or to  skip some incase we are to tired to do all the list ( sounds fare enough?)

(TRIP PALING GILA SIH 24 Jam doang :p)

07.40 Arrival
08.30 Ready To go
09.00 - 10.00 Warung cahaya
10.00 - 11.30 otw
11.30 - 12.30 pura beratan
14.00 - 15.45 Hotel
16.15 - 18.00 Tropicola
18.45 - 20.00 La favela kmrn di skip krn ada yg merokok (trip ini bawa bayi)
21.00 -21.30 At hotel
21.30 - 05.00 sleepDAY 2
05.00 - 07.00 beberes
07.00-7.45 KYND sarapan
08.00 - 08.45 Makan es krim Mad Pops
09.00-10.30 NOOK
11.00 -12.00 explore tegalwangi skip malas siang2 panas
12.30-13.30 Balifornia Skip malas wkwk
14.00 arrive airport

So here it is some places i have visitted and what my thought about that place.


This cafe placed around Canggu area. Just go to your google maps and route to Labrissa (for the detail). I found this place my most favorite cafe in Bali. The staff was good and organizedly super helpfull. 

  • Seats: Regular, Bean Bag, bed
  • Minimum Spend: IDR 200k/person (pay while entering. they’ll give you a coupon 100k each)
  • Full Music
  • Facilities: 2 Swimming pool, upstair seats, beach seats, 
  • If you want to choose your best seat, maybe come before 3pm.
  • Staff was great (well organized)
  • you can move your seat but need to close the bill first


This Cafe just open in late 2018. This cafe was interesting for me just because the design and the color, all was really perfect to capture great photos for your social media.

  •  Meats: Regular & bed
  • Minimum spend: 800 for bed (else was no Minimum, also at weekend there was no minimum)
  • Full music (and somehow i think its too loud, if you bring baby, consider this)
  • Failities: Swimming pool
  • Restriction: Profesional camera (DSLR, Mirrorless, etc) charged IDR 2 Million. Just take photos with your phone 🙂
  • Staff was great.


This beach located next to Ayana Resort & Rock Bar. Ayana & Rock Bar were expensive place to visit. so just go to this place. This Beach had an amazing view From above and also go down to the beach. At the beach you can have a natural bathtub. visit this place maybe afte 1 pm, cause if you visit this beach at morning, the sea is tide, so you can’t go down. since this was still new, there was nothing to pay but parking fee. since this place has no management, there is no opening time. you can visit this place at all time, but don’t go here when dark, there was no lamp. oh another tips, since this place was unmanaged by anyone and like literally in the open places, the signal was not really good here, so if you are visitting this place with online taxi or bike, please make sure going home before dark, so you don’t end up waiting for taxi to pick you up in the dark alone.


Who doesn’t know kuta beach? haha, i think atleast you’ll pass this place while getting around bali. This beach always packed with people. Nothing so special about this beach (but it doesn’t mean this place was bad, just you as you know bali has all beautiful places, so just like not the very best between the best). As public beach, no minimum spend, you can enjoy this place without worries. Also since this place right infront of Hotels, malls, cafe,bar,etc, you don’t have to worry to spend you time here (even in the dark, cause this place still crowd at night even there was no lamp :))


So Bali has 2 types of beaches. Beaches facing west & east. the different is that the beaches facing east are sunrise beach and others are sunset beach. Nah, for this beach (Sanur Beach), this is a sunrise beach, so you won’t find any sunset here. The problem is that to enjoy this beach, you have to wake up early in the morning, which is your advantage, because wake up early is what people hate, so the beach will a bit empty at the sunrise. 

other info that this beach is used as a port to other island like nusa lembongan, lomok, nusa penida and else. So if you want to go to the other islands, just visit this beach. 

this beach is not really good, because this is a harbor beach (like i said before). not really a touristy beach. but if you are able to find a good angle, you’ll find a good photos here. and also, you can spot a popular Food here (if you like to eat fish). there is makbeng here. You should try this food.


Nusa Dua is also area facing east so this is also SUNRISE spot. what should you do here? just go to the several beaches which located in the same area. This area is highclass hotel area. Every hotel has their own beach. As long as you don’t sit at their private seats, the beaches are open to public. You’ll find not so many people swimming at the beach. maybe because of the stream a lil bit strong. You also can go to the water blow, the place to see water hit the stone and splash your body :).